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About "Haw Creek"

Haw Creek is intended to be a content rich site where I can share information and on-line material related to the outdoors that visitors will find useful. All content at Haw Creek is free. 

The site's name is derived from an Arkansas creek in the southern Ozarks.  There is a National Forest Campground, Haw Creek Falls, next to it, and the Ozark Highlands Trail follows Haw Creek for a short distance.  The falls are very pretty during the spring, when there has been rain, but most of the year there is little water flow.

Our home base is in the southern Ozarks in Arkansas, not too far away from Haw Creek. 

In 2007, we spent about 3 1/2 months away from home traveling and camping.  I will be sharing many of the things that we saw and learned as well as many of the photographs that I took during our travels.  We hope to travel to more interesting places in the coming months and years and I will be providing information about those places here on Haw Creek as well.

Thanks for visiting!

The Origin of Haw Creek and Where it's Going.

January 5th, 2006 - I started this website several years ago. It began before we had a recreational vehicle, before we had a tow vehicle, and before I retired. The site was started to help in learning about recreational vehicles and sharing some of what I had found on-line. For the most part my efforts were in putting together links of RV manufacturers, including links to the pages of current models. Along with a blog, Haw Creek Out 'n About, I included pages on a number of different camping, RV, and outdoors related topics. Along the way, I started making a little money from it by including ads and tried making a few sales through associate sales, which was a miserable failure.

Over the last eighteen months, we decided on the type of RV we wanted from information we gleaned from visits to dealerships and the sites that I had linked to. We bought a tow vehicle, followed soon by a 32 foot fifth wheel camper, and a whole bunch of things to fit the trailer out with. Early in 2007, I retired and, in the period since then, we've been away from home nearly three months, a significant portion of that with our new trailer.

In the process of all these recent changes, maintenance has been marginal on the web pages of this site. Few additions to the site have been made and needed corrections and modifications have gone undone.

Future of the site.

Over the last few days I have been working on changes to the site. My primary focus for the next few weeks is taking care of the corrections, modifications, and updates that need to be done, though there will also incorporation of a fresher, cleaner look across the site, which you see on this page. Most pages will be retained; some will be deleted. There will also be some reorganization of the site's structure and it's navigation will be improved.  

Once the reorganization, re-design, corrections, modifications, and updates are complete, I will start adding new material. Much of it will be images and information on places we have visited, but there will be other kinds of material added that I have only begun to consider.  

Please come back to visit often!  


Haw Creek is owned and operated by Mike Goad. 




















North American recreational vehicle manufacturers web sites are provided on Haw Creek in the RV categories of class A motorhomes and coaches, class B motorhomes and vans, class C motor homes, fifth wheel campers, travel trailer RVs, tear drop trailers, tent or folding trailers, and truck campers, including off road RVs. In most instances, along with the home page for the manufacturer, a list of available models is provided.