About Resource Links

Mike at Custer State Park, 2007I sometimes get really frustrated using search engines like Google to find information about places we might like to visit. All too often, the key words or phrases that I use get low quality sites with little good information. When I do find decent sites with good information, I usually fail to save the address — or misplace it.

The Resource Links section of Haw Creek Out ‘n About is where I’m saving those good finds — so that I can find them later.  More than that, it’s intended to be shared with anyone who happens to drop by.

I’ll be adding links as I find them online, on both websites and blogs — as well as those that I create on Haw Creek.

All sites or pages that I link to here will have something of value related to the location. It may be a description of the place or of someone’s experience there or it may be photographs.