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Lower slope of Paintpot Hill on the Artist Paint Pot Trail, Yellowstone National Park, September 13, 2007


boondock, defined: dry camp on public land, truck stop, rest area or parking lot

According to phred Tinseth, "Boondocking is not really a good term, but has somehow come into common use. Dry Camping (parking anywhere without or with limited amenities) is more accurate. Independent Parking is the preferred term. It means that you are prepared to dry camp but make use of amenities when they're available. Being prepared to live independently is what it's all about, then you're free to do what you want to do."

Boondocking Etiquette - Bob Gummersall tries to tell you the things that are important about boondocking and the proper etiquette to use.10

Boondocking Guide - C. Patrick Waters site is dedicated "to sharing experiences and knowledge about the many beautiful and  interesting boondocking locations in North America, with special emphasis on western Canada, United States and Mexico."

Love the Outdoors - a few tips on successful boondocking.10

phred Tinseth has written a very extensive "poop sheet" that "came from 20 years of boondocking experience in U.S., Mexico and Canada and articles that appeared in Escapees Magazine." It's about eight pages when printed.10

Responsible Boondocking - "We have seen many who set up camp for as long as they can get away with it. The lawn chairs and awnings come out and they are settled in.   In some cases...(such) actions have resulted in prohibitive local ordinances or a change in store policy. The thoughtful RVer who only wants to catch a few winks overnight while in transit may eventually find this convenience taken away."

This is Nowhere - (documentary film - DVD) humorously captures the essence of American attitudes toward nature, equality, and civic values as it documents RV travelers' interactions with landscape, technology, communities, and each other. Each year tens of thousands of travelers steer their RVs into Wal-Mart parking lots to "camp" for a night or two. Not because they have to. Rather, because they want to. Just as they seek out national parks and historic sites, RV travelers have marked Wal-Mart stores as travel destinations.

Yahoo Group: Boondocking Locations - This is the club where you can just list all of your boondocking locations to share with others and we can all build our own database from this source.... Start by sharing the ones from your own area first.... See Message #1 for information on how to make your posting.