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Yellowstone Images





This section of the site contains vintage images from the early days of Yellowstone National Park.  This collection is copyrighted as a compilation.  Individual images are derivative works from the public domain that have been cropped and/or digitally enhanced to improve the image. The online source location of the public domain image is provided for each image.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Midway Geyser Basin

Upper Geyser Basin

North Entrance

  • Along the Gardiner River - Two horse-drawn carriages and boulder alongside river. (c. 1909 - 1932) new
  • Gardner Station, horse-drawn wagon and three stagecoaches by station and train behind the station; (c. 1913) new
  • Gatewayentrance to Yellowstone National Park; Horse-drawn coach passing through arched gateway. (c. 1904) new

Norris Geyser Basin to Mammoth Hot Springs

Yellowstone Lake

Yellowstone Lake by Thomas Moran (1875)

Yellowstone River

Tower Falls

Upper Geyser Basin

Misc. (area not identified)

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